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06-14, Nissan Cube/Juke/Quest/Murano/Rogue/Versa, Infiniti FX/EX/QX/M/G/Q, Fog Light Assembly

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  • Exact OEM Fit - Real glass fog lights for Nissan Cube Juke Quest Murano Rogue Versa, Infiniti FX/EX/QX/M/G/Q (Cars not included). Provide a factory-installed look once mounted no vehicle modifications are required.

  • SAE/DOT Approved - Sold in pairs. Thoroughly tested to meet federal and international standards and are fully street legal.

  • Extremely Bright Illumination - With H8 12V 35W bulbs included. Allow you to see and be seen by oncoming drivers even through a thick fog.

  • Integrated Parabolic Reflector - The parabolic shape and durable surface of the reflector ensure greater concentration of light in a tight beam.

  • Super Durable Construction - The fog lights are made to withstand the most rigorous weather conditions and prevent moisture and dust from getting inside the housing.

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Poor visibility of the road caused by heavy snow, rain, or thick fog is a quite dangerous thing because of possible car accidents. Most drivers would rather stay at home than travel in such severe conditions, but what if you do have to drive your way despite the weather? With their incredible line of fog lights, AUTOSAVER88 makes it possible for every vehicle to continue its path no matter how miserable the conditions are. The parts offer both maximum driving safety and neck-braking design everyone is craving for. These lights will enable you to see the road ahead with an impressive amount of clarity, giving off spectacular illumination that is extremely stylish as well.


Quantity Sold: Set of 2
Bulb Type: H8 12V 35W
Wiring Harness: Not included
Street Approve: DOT/SAE approved
Surface Finish: Black housing w/ real glass clear lens
Weather Sealed: Completely weather sealed to keep the elements out
Replaces Original (OE) Part #: 26150-8990B, NI2590103

2008-2013 Infiniti EX35/EX37/QX50
2006-2014 Infiniti FX35/FX37/FX45/FX50/QX70
2010-2014 Infiniti G25/G37/Q60 Sedan & Coupe
2011-2014 Infiniti M37/M56/Q70
2009-2014 Nissan Cube
2011-2014 Nissan Juke
2009-2014 Nissan Murano
2011-2014 Nissan Quest
2011-2014 Nissan Rogue
2007-2012 Nissan Versa 

Package Include:
1 Pair Fog Lights (Left & Right Side)


Most vehicles have a hole in the firewall pre-drilled at the factory for the purpose of running wires from under the hood to the interior.

1. Closely check your existing fog light assembly.
2. Remove the wiring harness from the fog light assembly.
3. Take out the mounting screws of your old fog light assembly. These screws are normally found at the back of the fog light assembly.
4. Take out the fog light assembly from your automobile.
5. Get your new fog light and install it on your vehicle using the mounting screws that you removed earlier.
6. Tighten the mounting screws just enough to keep your new fog light assembly securely installed. Be careful not to tighten the screws too much or they might cause damage to the assembly.
7. Get the wiring harness connected to your new fog light assembly.
8. Switch the fog lights on to see if they are working properly.


Fog lights illuminate dark edges of the road where headlights can't. They are used to provide better visibility while driving through fog. But, you can also use it when going through places where rain, snow, or dust may be giving you a hard time moving forward with confidence.


Fog is typically less dense closer to the ground. Because fog lights are mounted lower on the vehicle, they encounter less glare and can light the path ahead much further.

Headlights point straight ahead and can cause glare when they reflect light from fog or snow directly back into a driver's eyes, as seen in this picture. Because fog lights are angled to the side, glare is reduced and sides of the road are more visible.

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